Hi! I´m Bernard Bravo. 


I´m a Spanish illustrator based in Madrid.  

I have a degree in Art Direction and Scenography from TAI University

and a degree in Graphic Desing from ESDIP art school.


I had been working as illustrator and storyboard artist for films and tv series since 2017. 


My first children´s illustrated book "El Pequeño Chef" was released in 2018.


In 2021 start to work as illustrator with Laberinto Editorial in his book collection "Aprendiendo a ser Padres" 


In 2022 I Illustated the Book "Narciso descubre Instagram" writed by the filosopher and professor Daniel Rosende


This year 2024 I am still working as an illustrator for laberinto publishing house and as a freelance illustrator for other publishing houses.


I love to adapt myself to new challenges and express emotions through visual metaphors. 




Self-employed Illustrator 2017-2024



Illustrated Books  LABERINTO EDITORIAL  2021-2024

-Narciso Descubre Instagram. 2022

-Sexualidad en la Infancia. 2021

-Mi primer Bebé. 2021

-Mediación familiar. 2021


-El Pequeño Chef. Nitimur editorial. 2019


Illustrations Films in Development 2020

Storyboard artist  LA HIJA 2019

Illustrations for THE MIRAMAR MURDERS TV SERIES 2018

Storyboard artist LA BALDOSA  2017





Laberinto Editorial

La Loma Blanca PC

La Claqueta PC


Nitimur Editorial

Ponferrada City Council

MR Everyone agency

Contact: info@bernardbravo.com

  ©Bernardo Bravo 2024. 

All right Reserved.

Contact: info@bernardbravo.com  ©Bernardo Bravo 2024. 

All right Reserved.