The Neverending Story (B&W)

These Illustrations were made for a illustration contest. The point was to reimagine a classic of children's literature. The idea of black and white came because I liked the idea that the illustrations were born from the same ink as the text, in an organic way. I wanted the colour to be imagined by each reader in their own way. Not to dictate an exact colours but for them to use their imagination and complete it themselves.


                WAY BACKWARDS is a graphic  novel in development. 

Synopsis: Milo and Danko will go on a journey that will change them forever.   Technique: Ink and Digital Color. 2020 










THE KID AND THE MOUNTAIN is a personal  children´s illustration book project.


The child has the dream of climbing a mountain but the mountain is so high that he does not dare. 


With the help of a new friend, he will learn that step by step everything is easier. The important thing was never to reach the top but to start the path that will lead him to fulfill a dream.




Technique: Ink and Digital Color. 2020.


EL PEQUEÑO CHEF is a children illustration book. It shows simple recipes for children drawn step by step. Keko, our little chef, will learn to cook funny appetizers with fruits, vegetables and with a little imagination.  


Published in 2018 by Nitimur Editorial. Technique: Color pencils 2018.



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